Pink Butterfly Edition

Stopwatch Mode

Countdown Mode

Inner Case

The precision of the Pink Butterfly starts from the inside

The awesome power of the Pink Butterfly watch comes from the meticulous moving parts.
The Butterfly's wings inspired this insect to craft the internal engine to track three time modes.
The Butterfly, though small, is able to track big moments; like time itself, forward time (stopwatch) and backwards time (countdown).

The butterfly's motions translates into opposing forces in nature

Using the changing and shifting movements of the Butterfly's body, the insect was able to spin the gears backwards.
The backwards mode is great for the Butterfly to track Countdown insect moments.

Gears of Time


The Pink Butterfly uses a ring-of-perls to balance the inner workings

The ring-of-perls keeps the Butterfly's time-train in motion.
The Pink Butterfly is able to correctly move the plastic hands by aligning them to the correct perl.
Yet, the Pink Butterfly still likes to maintain its inner-being with a line of diamonds.

The walnuts can be a powerful ally in the butterflies life cycle

The Pink Butterfly uses the walnuts found in the forest to maintain a balance per hour.
At a closer look, notice the walnuts are strategically placed in a 360-pattern.

Butterfly at Rest

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